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Computerized Calligraphy               Envelope Addressing Information Signature Plus is pleased to offer envelope addressing for any occasion and any quantity when you choose one of our invitations or announcements thourgh our sister site  We will match the font and color ink so you do not need to look any further (see instructions below for setting up you envelope information).   If you already have your invitations and you want us to address them we would be glad to. We must set up an appointment so we can be sure we will be able to run your envelopes through our ink jet printer. You can reach us at or call 215-757-2800. Once we know we can print your envelopes then you would have to pick a font from our many choices which can be found on our sister site We will do our best to match the color of your ink on your invitation.   Here are some of our most popular font choices.                Setting up the names and addresses for your envelopes   In either case we will need you to set up your envelope information on a Microsoft Office Word document with all names and addresses left justified (as shown below). No columns, no tables and please do not use Excel. If you have an inner and outer envelope and you want us to print both enveopes, the names for the guests and family will be shown on the same line or below the Mr. and Mrs. (see example below). If you have only one envelope then all information must appear on the outer so you must include and Guest or and Family on the same line. (see examples 2 below)   Examples   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jones Sam, Elizabeth and Sarah (children under 18 will be on the inside envelope only) 123 Smith Street Morrisville, PA 19067   Ms. Joann Smith and Guest 456 Happy Avenue Richtown, PA 29008   Mr. Harold Jennings Ms. Christine Brown 75 Mill Run Road Yardley, PA 19067   Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lane    (and Family on the outer if only one envelope) 7555 Falls Road Smithtown, NJ 20080   Please proof read your list carefully as we cannot be responsible for any errors on your list. Then email your list to   Some points of interest. We cannot always do envelopes that have heavy linings or are made of a heavy weight paper. We must try them first. We have had very good luck in the past to be able to handle a variety of weights and sizes.   Also, we cannot print on envelopes that are a dark color like black, brown and also envelopes which have a pearlized texture.  We can print on most other light or medium colors (pink, blue, lavender). The time frame to complete a job is usually 10 to 14 days in house depending on how many jobs preceed yours. Once we commit to a job it will be printed on time.   Our set up fee and cost for a single or outer and inner envelope are below:   $1.50 per envelope set (outer and inner) $1.00 per envelope (for outer only)   $10.00 flat set up fee when you type your own list and email it to us.   If you want us to key in all your addresses we charge a $10.00 set up fee per each 50 names and addresses.   Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions 215-757-2800 or email us at